Experienced Bankruptcy Attorneys in Hendersonville

Are you stressed every time your phone rings? Are you worried about paying your bills?

We encourage you to stop stressing and start fresh. We can help and guide you through this difficult time. We are available whether you need a fresh start or simply want to know your options. Bankruptcy is not a sign of failure; it’s a means of protection.

Contact our firm if you would like to discuss your options, because no one wants to worry about debt collectors on top of everything else life throws their way.
Gavel And Money  — Bankruptcy in Hendersonville, NC


The firm represents persons defending against foreclosure actions, and a limited number of persons or entities who desire to foreclose on property through “power of sales” provisions in deeds of trust or through the judicial sales statutory process. These cases have been defended or prosecuted at the clerk-of-court level, and in the superior court and the appellate courts.