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When you craft your will, you will need to choose someone to be the executor. The executor is the person you legally designate to administer your estate and carry out your final wishes. This important and intimate decision needs to be considered carefully, remembering this person needs to be responsible and honest through the execution.

Family Members

The obvious, and most common, choice most people make is a close family member. Though this is often a comfortable choice for you, remember that this person will need to be composed, rational, and fair in their duties following the loss of a loved one. Make sure you choose your executor based on those qualities, not their closeness to you.

Third Party

You can choose a third party to execute your will. This may be a company, which will probably charge a fee. Banks, trust companies, or law firms will be able to handle the duties of a will executor impartially, but they usually take a small percentage from the entire estate.
The most important thing to consider when choosing an executor is your comfort and peace of mind. If you are ready to start drafting your will , contact an estate lawyer at the Jackson Law Firm in Hendersonville, North Carolina.