Comprehensive Law Practice

The Jackson Law Firm is a comprehensive practice firm that places emphasis on most all civil matters from litigation to estate planning. The firm is made up of four attorneys with a combined 90 years of experience in the practice of law. Although each attorney has special areas of interest, we often utilize the team approach, wherein two attorneys and a member of the experienced support staff work together in bringing the best representation to our clients. Our individual service areas are detailed under the category "practice areas." In the final analysis, we strive to produce high-quality representation for all of our clients, whether their matter is relatively simple or complex.With our collective years of experience, the Jackson Law Firm zealously handles a wide variety of civil litigation, including personal injury, wrongful death, and property damage in a vehicular negligence area. In malpractice, the firm accepts meritorious cases involving serious injuries or death. The firm also represents clients in construction-related cases (both contractors and property owners).
Our areas of civil litigation include:
Complex Business Matters

Real Estate Litigation

Construction Disputes

Will Contests

Personal Injury

Auto Accidents
Foot Injury — Auto Accident in Hendersonville, NC

Experienced Legal Team in Hendersonville

Our firm usually uses a team approach consisting of a senior attorney, an associate attorney, and one or more legal assistants. We place emphasis on aggressively pursuing the client’s claim through: fact investigation; discovery; settlement negotiations; mediation; computerized legal research; medical research; medical models; video recordings; and the organization and indexing of voluminous records, photographs, and other demonstrative items for use as court exhibits.

The firm believes that client involvement is critical for a case’s success, and we therefore strive to keep the client informed and involved in the litigation process. The firm’s policy is that an informed client can best help the firm as well as his or her own case; hence, we make every effort to keep the client informed at every step in the litigation process, from settlement negotiations to trial. The firm often employs practice depositions and practice court testimony with its clients to make their truthful testimony as effective and compelling as possible.

Legal Fee Structure

Meritorious cases are accepted on both an hourly rate and graduated percentage fees, or a combination of a flat fee plus a small percentage of the recovery. When feasible, we give the client a choice of the fee basis selected. All fee contracts are reduced to writing, explained, and given to the client to read, take home to study and discuss with family before execution, if desired.

The Jackson Law Firm is also experienced in estate-related litigation, wherein the firm has successfully attacked and defended wills, deeds, and trusts.