Legal Help for Corporations and LLCs in Hendersonville

Forming corporations and limited liability companies, along with drafting partnership and limited partnership agreements, has been a part of the Jackson Law Firm’s practice for many years. Often the initial conference consists of a review of the various options open to clients in the manner in which they wish to conduct their business, reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

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As an adjunct to incorporation (or the limited liability company), it is often quite advantageous to prepare a shareholder agreement, which deals with the continuation of the company if one of the shareholders dies or if one of the shareholders wants to sell or otherwise transfer his/her interest in the business.
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Even in sole proprietorships operating under an assumed name, it is necessary to record an assumed-name filing. The firm stands ready to assist clients in any of the above formations and recordings locally or with the office of North Carolina's secretary of state.

Mediating Business Disputes

Unfortunately, in some business arrangements, disputes often arise among the owners. As long as we have not been involved in the formation or other post incorporation legal work, we represent numerous clients in various disputes that arise during the course of business operation, including representing majority-interest, minority-interest, and equal-interest ownership.

On top of helping you form a company, the Jackson Law Firm can help you as you continue in your endeavors. We also provide bankruptcy legal services.