Experienced Attorneys in Hendersonville

The firm is dedicated to zealously representing all of its clients whether the matter is large or small. Once a strategy is set, the strategy should be pursued aggressively whether it is taking discovery and proceeding with a trial or if it is in pursuing an amicable (or not so amicable) settlement whether in direct negotiation with opposing attorneys or formal mediation.

Our firm places an emphasis on thorough preparation before trial. As a general rule of thumb for every day spent in Court, there are two days of preparation. This preparation includes locating and interviewing witnesses, taking discovery from the other side, practicing with our clients, within the realm of truthful testimony, as to how to answer questions they may receive in Court or in a sworn deposition. The firm has various handouts on these topics, but often the attorneys will role-play with the client with one lawyer assuming the role of the opposing attorney and the other lawyer asking non leading questions on a direct examination. We have used focus groups or mock juries to obtain outside opinions as to issues going to “credibility” and apparent accuracy of proposed testimony. The focus group and mock juries are used for jury trials and are generally not helpful in bench trials. We emphasize credibility of clients as the “pole star” of preparation whether a jury trial or bench trial.