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Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

When Frank Jackson began practicing as an attorney, his boss at the time (although a director of a health insurance company) had an abiding dislike of liability companies. He rarely allowed their adjustors into his office. Instead, he sent Jackson down to try out to verdict all of the cases in the office involving property damage and nonpermanent injuries. He reasoned that Jackson would gain valuable experience and the insurance company would have to pay an attorney, in addition to any verdict that was obtained.

Now over many years, Jackson has developed a more flexible approach. After thoroughly investigating the client's case, the firm is able to assess whether the insurance company is serious about offering a fair settlement or is going to try the low ball game. If the insurance company appears sincere about the settlement of the case, the firm prepares and submits a comprehensive settlement brochure and an attorney (not a legal assistant) follows up with negotiations with the insurance adjustors. If the insurance company is determined to play low ball, we proceed with all necessary haste to prepare the case for trial. If we are satisfied that we know all relevant facts that bear on the case and the client's medical prognosis, we press to have the case placed on a trial docket. Whether by trial or settlement, the firm strives to obtain the best possible result for the client.

White Collar Crimes

The firm handles many cases involving accounting and fiduciary obligations and breaches thereof. In many cases, the civil and criminal actions overlap. Hence, the firm has developed experience in dealing with technical matters. Angela Beeker, who has an engineering degree has a mind driven by detail.

Serious Felonies

Frank Jackson in his first twenty years of practice represented four clients in capital murder cases. After the last case and a favorable result, Jackson decided that he may run through his luck and turned his attention to complex civil cases. A few years ago, Jackson was involved in the defense of a civil wrongful death case involving a shooting and gained an interest in technology, including forensics now available to both the defense and prosecution. At that point Jackson decided he would be interested in returning to the defense of murder and arson cases, particularly the scientific and technical aspects of such cases. Adrienne Roberson has also gained experience in working with Jackson.

Legal Help for Corporations and LLC’S

The firm has formed many corporations and LLC's over the years for varied type clients. In doing so, the firm has developed expertise in collateral documents such as shareholder agreements, contracts which deal with ownership, decisions involving succession plans and voluntary and forced buy-outs.

Traffic Violations

The firm handles a variety of minor traffic violations such as speeding tickets, seat belt violations, and a variety of other infractions. Most, if not all, of the traffic matters are handled on flat-fee arrangements. Many times, the willingness of the client to attend a certified driving school when approved by the district attorney can resolve such matters and we can avoid the client having to appear in court at all.